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The Baseball Academy is aimed to promote young athletes holistically within the framework of the gifted and elite promotion according to their talents. This includes three main components: school education, athletic support and personal development.

Following this holistic approach of combining school, baseball and personal development and thanks to a high level of voluntary and professional commitment, the Regensburg Academy was designed and implemented with great success. Started with five players in 2002, it can offer a current capacity of 30 athletes.

Offering also full-time boarding home, the Regensburg Academy ensures that admitted athletes can receive every day optimal school and sports support. Since the boardinghouse works with all types of public schools, including international school and online class support, it is possible to find the right school for every athlete according to his inclinations and abilities. Working also in an international contest, according with families and different national laws and school systems, it also supports the schooling of non-German speaking students with customized tutoring and solutions.

It is our goal to help athletes to develop mature, open-minded and independent personalities. In terms of sport, the athlete is accompanied by long-term, individual and potential-maximizing support with the highest results.

The Baseball Academy Regensburg engages to give young athletes the opportunity to optimally develop and promote their talent outside of their normal environment – accompanied by specialists and experts. It has been fulfilling this claim and responsibility for almost 20 years in successful cooperation with its partners: Bavarian Baseball and Softball Association, Regensburg Legionaries, Jung-Eisbären EV Regensburg e.V. and Major League Baseball (MLB).

This commitment was confirmed by the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior through its recognition as state performance center for baseball and softball and by the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) together with the Federal Ministry of the Interior through its recognition as a federal baseball base.

In order to enable such support for every highly talented athlete, we provide funding for scholarships in cooperation with our partners and sponsors.