Our Philosophy

Regensburg Baseball Academy offers student-athletes an environment to grow and succeed, with unmatched coaching guidance, tecnology, and support filled with passion and motivation. Overall, we prioritize continous learning to maximize their potential.

Clear vision –  prepare European Talent to be succesful on and off the field at the next level.

We pride ourselves to provide an all-around formation for our players. Life goes beyond our athletes sport careers, so we invest time and dedication in giving them tools that will help them make right decitions as players, students and young men.

With clear and achievable targets, players will be more motivated to actually fulfill them. They will become more productive in carrying out the tasks we set and they will be more likely to complete them to a high standard. Nobody can make the way to the top alone. At the same time, no one can predict in childhood where the personal limits will be. In order to achieve the maximum possible peak, there is the Regensburg Baseball Academy.

Our Coaching Staff has extended expiernce in all Professional and College levels. Well-organized, structured and time-efficient practices are executed carefully. Regensburg Baseball  Academy features position specific lessons together with team practices to enhance personal and team development.

Everyone is different. Everyone moves different, has different strengths, different weaknesses, and different experiences. People don’t all fit into one mold, and that goes for athletes too. And, there likely isn’t a team sport out there that requires so much one-on-one, individualized (or customized) training as baseball. Individual plans are set at the beginning of the year with monitored drills & exercises minded for each student-athlete.

A global team mentality like program comprehend all individual development plans with the goal of having players that can perform at their peak of their potential inside a group dynamic.

Academy Teams competes in 2nd Bundesliga in Germany. The second Highest National League in the country. On top of that, our Program participates in several other Tournaments throughout  the year to fullfill the requierments of high level competition that all athletes need to keep improving.

Once a taboo in baseball, strength training is now is recognized as an essential part of the year-round training program for the sport. Research  at all levels from high school to MLB has shown that properly designed and supervised resistance training programs can increase strength, speed, and power, improve balance, enhance joint strength, stability, and mobility, and help reduce the risk of non-contact injuries.

Regensburg Academy was pioner in incorporating Strengh Training in Europe, and has helped our players be more prepared for the next step in their careers. Our whole staff is always communicating among themselves to set priorities depending phases of the year.

Coaches can’t eliminate all injuries, but they can help minimize those that are attributable to a lack of strength, poor mechanics and insufficient rest and recovery. Think of your strength training program as body armor. Like the body armor used to protect soldiers, a proper, year-around strength and conditioning program can help you minimize the risk of injury, maintain fitness, improve performance, and be available when needed.

Players walk an ardous tryout process before being able to be part of this family. The reason behind that is simple, we want to work and develop great baseball players, but even better characters. Getting to know the profiles before making a long term decision is critical for the well-being of the performace of the group.

It’s important for baseball student-athletes to feel confident and equipped to find the best option after their time with us. Regensburg Baseball Academy is proven of placing student-athletes at the next level. No other program has had such success, and certainly not with this consistency.