GATEWAY – next level Baseball:

After the really successful start of the program in 2021, we are back with the 2nd Edition of the Regensburg Gateway. The tournament is built for European Elite U18/U19 Competition and showcasing the vast majority of the European upcoming Talent. The Top 30 List showcases players that are in the process to go to the USA or already committed.

The 2022 will feature the U18 national teams of:

The first game of the 2022 GATEWAY will kick of at 5pm on August 5th and continue with Double Headers till Wednesday the 10th, a morning game and an afternoon game.

Every game analytics and video feeds from up to 10 camera angles will be captured, data from double-radar-systems recorded, showcase tests executed and traditional scouting reports generated. From these results player profiles can be created and for each member of the All-Star Team and delivered shortly after the event. These profiles are the perfect foundation to present players and give them transparency to US colleges and universities.

Presenter and Partner for the Gateway is Mr. Bob Engel, a true international ambassador of Baseball and the greatest resource for the international players. It is an honor to have Bob Engel as our eyes and ears on the players and we are proud to have his profound experience adding credibility and value to the event.