2021 Regensburg Gateway – European Elite Show Case Tournament:


26th of June till 2nd of July 2021 ( 7 days of games, 1 day show case day)


All Star Team (European selected players 16 to 20 yeas of age)

CZ-Republic: U18 National Team
Netherlands: U18 National Team
Germany: U18 National Team


During the tournament we had a gold standard + PCR pool testing and where able to provide individual testing with official documentation for international travel for each person attending (staff and players). We had not one single covid case during the 8 days.

Level of Play:

According to the follow and prospect list of MLB organizations with a strong presence in Europe, we covered a large percentage of the elite European talent.
MLB organizations have communicated a serious interest in the Tournament and some have already subscribed to the SYNERGY BASEBALL our video and data partner.

The interest we get in general from the US side is really amazing, the teams and players feedback from the event was excellent. We feel strong to continue and strife forward for years to come.

GATEWAY 2022 will be a for sure, dates and format will be announced after WBSC Europe has consulted with us for 2022 calendar plannings.

GATEWAY 2023: You can find all informations about the 2023 edition here: Gateway 2023